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A delta wing is a wing whose shape when viewed from above looks like a triangle, often with its tip cut off. Delta wings have become popular during the world war II and have been explicitly researched upon till date to develop new and efficient configurations. All the combat aircraft of the new era are either delta planes or tail-less delta planes. This workshop by AerotriX gives you an opportunity to understand the theory behind the functioning of aircraft and aircraft design. It makes you innovate by coming up with your own design of mini aircrafts and fabricating them as per your design. This workshop takes you through a series of interactive lectures and design sessions supplemented by practical sessions, thereby providing a complete learning experience. You can see the videos and images of our previous workshops at

Workshop Specialties

Understand, design (using hand calculation and software) and fabricate the entire aircraft yourselves under the guidance of our faculty.

The workshop is developed and delivered by IIT Kanpur Aerospace Engineering Graduates.

Workshop Structure:


The workshop has the following modules:

  1. Lecture on Basics of Aeronautics - The participants would be introduced to:
    • Concepts of flight
    • Basics of Aerodynamics and its applications
    • Mechanics of flight - Stability and Control of an Aircraft
    • Structural Configurations of a plane

  2. An interactive Design Session: After explaining the problem statement, an interactive session encourages the participants to understand the various parameters involved in the design of an aircraft like material selection, geometry, structural constraints, stability and control considerations etc. The participants would then proceed to design their own aircraft by applying a unique algorithm developed by AerotriX, using hand calculations and a software. This gives the participants a perspective that aeromodelling is an application of engineering and not just a hobby.

  3. Instrumentation of an RC Aircraft - An overview of the electronic/electric components used in the RC Aircraft:
    • Details about the components like Rx-Tx, servo motors, BLDC, ESC etc.
    • Controls and actuation using Radio Controller
    • Precautions and safety measures applicable during RC flying

  4. Fabrication: The participants would give a physical form to their design developed in the design session from scratch. The participants are just provided with material to fabricate their RC Aircrafts and not ready-to-assemble aeromodelling kits.

  5. Testing: After thorough verification, the RC Aircrafts fabricated by the students would finally be tested by flying them.


The following awards would be announced at the end of the workshop. The same would be published at

  1. Best Design Award
  2. Best Fabrication Award
  3. Best Innovation Award


Certificate of Merit is provided to the award recipients in the above mentioned categories.

In addition to this you are eligible for certification through an online examination ( wherein you can quantify your learning from the workshop. A certificate containing your score in the exam will be provided to you.

Kit Contents:


· Engine/ Electric Motor *
· Electric Motor Controller *
· Propeller *
· Transmitter *
· Receiver *
· Li-Po battery *
· Servo motors (3 pieces) *
· Landing Gear ( main and tail dragger)
· Wheels (2 pieces)
· Coroplast
· Styrofoam
· Control Rods
· Epoxy Glue
· Wing Holders
· Working Tools#
· Other miscellaneous items

The parts marked * are not part of economy kit. These components would be provided during the workshop but would be taken back after the workshop. This is being done to reduce the cost of the workshop and make it affordable for students who do not want to buy the complete kit.
Complete kit consists of all the above items excluding transmitter and receiver.

#Working tools will be taken back after the workhsop

Software used to design and test RC planes
· RC Simulator
· RC Flying Tutorials and videos

Other Material
· Booklet on Aircraft Maintenance
· Booklet on aerobatic maneuvers

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August 17, 2013 — 9:00 am to
August 18, 2013 — 6:00 pm

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